OpenSolaris for System z

Build 100 - Updated 30 Mar 2009

Sine Nomine Associates

Hardware and Software Requirements

You need:

Download Requirements

You need:

EITHER the awstape image, OR the iso, OR all four of the VMARCS, OR the consolidated VMARC. The ISO contains the awstape image plus all four VMARCS, and so is twice the size of what you really need to download. It's what's described in the installation guide, but, honestly, save yourself the download and just get the vmarcs.

You really, REALLY want to read the installation guide before trying to install OpenSolaris for System Z. It's quite rough at this point...but it works.

If you get a TRAP 6 at first IPL, it's because you didn't read either the list of requirements or the installation guide. Install the PTF and reIPL.



Source code for OpenSolaris for System Z can be found at


install2.pdfOpenSolaris for System z installation guide. READ THIS BEFORE TRYING TO INSTALL OPENSOLARIS!
relnote2.pdfRelease notes for Prototype release of OpenSolaris for System z
siriusguide.pdfOverview of OpenSolaris for System z

Tools and Utilities

File md5sum Description
detape.exec d31d56de9150adeb799fe0934c44faf3 Turns AWSTAPE image into real install tape; ASCII text (Rexx source)
detapem.exec 091193b67e6fbfe4d8b6d0a524e45bdb Same thing, in MAILABLE format; download BIN F 80 (in your browser, "Save File As..." and then reblock to F 80 once you have it on your VM system; then run it with an EXTRACT parameter to unpack DETAPE EXEC).
vmaexec.exec fbcef7377bcb655fc37eff4ebc49ec7e VMARC in MAILABLE format; download BIN F 80, run it with the EXTRACT parameter. Don't bother if you already have VMARC on your VM system.
vma-07.011a.tar.gz d87c4457da3808e76be4b0fb9bec294b Tarred and gzipped C Source code for vma (Unix vmarc manipulation utility), by Leland Lucius.

OpenSolaris For System z Packages


NOTEDownload all VMARCS as BIN F 80 (see above) and then unpack with VMARC EXTRACT, using the VMARC that was already on your system or the one you got from VMAEXEC EXEC above, and then restore it to disk with CMSDDR (you can get CMSDDR VMARC from the IBM VM Download Packages Page; it's also packaged inside MISC VMARC). This is all also in the installation guide.
File md5sum Description
sol191.vmarc8aaaf90f481cf9aac3185f21e4ea7a0d191-disk: Bootloader in VMARC-compressed CMSDDR diskimage format (18 MB)
sol200.vmarc796a64492b32d0396e6f0fc84f39d4e0200-disk: Solaris root filesystem (1.3 GB)
ramdisk.vmarc5590c1d6d085433acd9d7e3dceda3a07Ramdisk used during Solaris boot process (34 MB)
misc.vmarc915471a5bd108982850c532fc644b7e6CMS tools and documentation (2.0 MB)


File md5sum Description
phase7.awstape7ca273e048dd371a1a111286acdaf57aAWSTAPE image of OpenSolaris for System z (1.4 GB)

Consolidated VMARC

File md5sum Description
phase7.vmarca6a3212fc5127ecdcbb24cadb7b17ac0VMARC image containing other four VMARCs (1.4 GB)

DVD Image

File md5sum Description
opensolaris-zseries-20090330.iso75bbebc979f8e5c48bd5cb826194a7d2DVD image containing AWSTAPE, VMARCS (2.7 GB)

GCC 4.3.3

File md5sum Description
GCC 4.3.3360da8887dee2b5e80a19ec79b6c99b5Tarball containg gcc 4.3.3 c, c++, gcj, fortran. Untar in /usr/local.